10.1     (a) A player seeking transfer to another affiliated unit of the GSTTA shall inform the three parties concerned – his/her current District Association, the transferee association and the GSTTA – and register in writing before April 1 of the said year.
(b) The player seeking No Objection Certificate (NOC) from his/her current district association shall give at least 30-day notice.
(c) The application should accompany a letter of consent from the transferee association.
(d) The district association should respond within 15 days of the receipt of application. The absence of response from the association shall be deemed as consent. The player should then approach the GSTTA. The GSTTA shall exercise its authority to issue NOC, in writing, to the player.

10.2 Those applying for transfer after 1st April :
(a) A player shall follow the steps mentioned under 10.1 so as to complete the transfer process before 31st July.  Application receiver after 31st July will not be considered for transfer for the current season.

10.3 The above transfer policy is applicable for players of all district associations. Transfer policy is the prerogative of the GSTTA and no district association, affiliated with GSTTA can have any separate transfer policy for players.

10.4 Transfer NOC Application Form :
A player seeking transfer will have to submit filled Transfer Application Form for the NOC with necessary documents. The Form can be downloaded from GSTTA website.