As the 2018 season of Gujarat State Table Tennis Association gets underway with the First State Ranking Table Tennis tournament 2018 at Surat, here are Salient Features of the new season…



• From this year onwards there Senior – Men and Women – events will commence on the first day itself. The main objective is to give cadet and sub junior players a chance to have a chance to see seniors in action. It will also make juniors understand what kind of skills and techniques will be expected from them when they graduate to senior section

• Till now the schedule was in ascending order starting with Cadet and going up to Senior. This year on wards it shall start with Senior and end the tournament with Sub Junior and Cadet Finals on the last day.



• The seeding for the first State Ranking Tournament of the season will be based on Ranking announced in the preceding year. Thereafter, the seeding will be given on the basis of total points earned from total tournaments played for that year.

• Criteria of 4 + 1 have been removed. Thus, Overall points of the tournaments in a Year will be considered for ranking. Still participation in State Championship will be compulsory.

• Seeding will be announce at the tournament venue through OPEN DRAW SYSTEM (for Top-16 ranked players) for all the State Ranking Tournaments


• There is good news for Semi-finalists. Acknowledging the performance of players and boosting the confidence level, from this season onwards, semi-finalists will share the podium with Winners and Runners-up. All those, who end the Tournament as Semi-finalists will be recipient of Prize Money.