YEAR 2016 – 2017

(1)    Entries will be closed Five days before date of the draw for the State Veterans Ranking Tournaments.

(2)    Draws will be held at the venue of the tournament or any other place as decided by GSVTTC.

(3)    Only Schedules will be available on the GSVTTC website one day after the Draw. Draw for the tournament will NOT BE DISPLAYED on the website.

(4)    EVENTS:

(a)  State Veterans Ranking Tournaments will include the following mandatory singles events in Men’s and Women’s :

39 +, 49 +, 59 +, 64 +, 69 +, 74 + and above.

(Note: There should be minimum 6(six) entries for a singles event to take place. And if there are less than six entries players shall have to mandatorily play in the upper age group and pay the entry fees for that respective age group event).

(b)       State Veterans Ranking Tournaments can include the following optional events in Men’s Doubles:

39 +, 49 + & 59 +; Women’s Doubles 39 +, 49 +, 59 + and Mixed Doubles 39 + & 49 +.

(Note: There should be minimum 8(eight) entries for an doubles/mixed doubles event to take place. And if there are less than eight entries players shall have to mandatorily play in the Upper age group and pay the entry fees for that respective age group event).


Following is the age limit for different age groups.

1)    39 +      Born on or before 31/12/1977

2)    49 +      Born on or before 31/12/1967

3)    59 +      Born on or before 31/12/1957

4)    64 +      Born on or before 31/12/1952

5)    69 +      Born on or before 31/12/1947

6)    74 + and Above      Born on or before 31/12/1942


All the players are allowed to play in their respective age groups only in the same calendar year.


All the singles & doubles events will start on the first day and the remaining matches will be played on the second day.

Note: The above mentioned scheduling method may be changed depending on the no. of entries, no. of tables and no. of days.


  1. All State Veterans Ranking Tournaments will be played on minimum 4 tables and will have the duration of minimum 2 days.
  2. The flooring of the playing hall must be wooden or synthetic mat.
  3. The intensity of the light must be 600 lux on playing surface and 400 lux in the remaining playing area.
  4. Comfortable playing area should be provided.
  5. The tournament hall shall be handed over to the Chief Referee by the Organizing Committee with complete set up on the pre-tournament evening.
  6. TTFI approved Stiga Plastic balls will be used in the Tournament.

(9)    FEES:

a)   The annual registration fee of GSVTTC shall be Rs. 100 per player.

b)   Entry fee for the State Veterans Ranking Tournament will be Rs. 200/- for each individual event per player.

c)   The tournament fees to be paid by organizer to G.V.T.T.C. shall be Rs. 2000/- for the State Ranking Tournament.

d)   The entry fee for the Dummy/spot entries [non ranked players only] will be double than the regular entry fee, i.e. Rs. 400/- in the State Ranking Tournaments.

e)   Entry fee for Doubles event will be Rs. 400/- per pair. 


  1. The Tournament will be played according to the current laws, Rules and Regulations of TTFI as adopted by GSTTA.
  2. All rounds of all events will be played best of 5 games.
  3. In any situation, regarding the interpretation of laws & rules, the decision of the GSVTTC will be final and binding to all.

(11)    OTHERS:

  1. Prospectus and The entry form mentioning the Tournament Dates, Venue, Events, Last date of entries, Draw date etc will be circulated by GSVTTC to all District Associations.
  2. A copy of the entry form should be sent to the Referee of the tournament and also to the GSVTTC.
  3. Entries will be accepted through District Associations only.
  4. The Chief Referee and the Assistant Referee will be appointed by the GSVTTC for all State Veterans Ranking Tournaments. Their lodging, boarding, travelling and the tournament allowances will be borne by the host/organizer as per the norms set by GSVTTC.
  5. The concerned Referee will be responsible for providing the copy of complete results of the tournament to the GSVTTC.


The tournament host will pay to and fro 3 A.C. class railway fares to the Chief Referee and sleeper class railway fare to Asst. Chief Referee and umpires.

The host/organizer will pay the Technical officials Honorarium as per the following :

        DESIGNATION                                     STATE RANKING

a)   Chief Referee                                  1000 / day

a)   Deputy /Joint Referee                 700 / day

a)   Table Umpire                                 400 / day

a)   Computer Operator & Asst.        550 / day


Prize Money Criteria for the State Veterans Ranking Tournaments

Position M39+ M49+ M59+ M64+ M69+ W39+ W49+ W59+ TOTAL
WINNER 3000 3000 2400 1500 1200 2000 1500 1200 15800
R/UP 2000 2000 1600 1000 800 1400 1000 800 10600
S/F ** 1200 1200 800 600 300 600 600  — 5300
S/F ** 1200 1200 800 600 300 600 600  — 5300
TOTAL 7400 7400 5600 3700 2600 4600 3700 2000 37000
** Note: Cash prize money will only be awarded to semi-finalist if there is minimum 16[sixteen] entries in that particular event.
Position W64+ M39+  Doubles M49+  Doubles M59+  Doubles W39+  Doubles W49+  Doubles 39+ M.D. 49+ M.D. TOTAL
WINNER 1200 3000 3000 2400 1500 1200 3000 3000 18300
R/UP 800 2000 2000 1600 1000 800 2000 2000 12200
TOTAL 2000 5000 5000 4000 2500 2000 5000 5000 30500

(14)    System for Awarding Points for State Veterans Ranking Tournaments :

Position               State Ranking

Winner                             90

Runners-up                     70

Semi-finalist                   50

Quarter-finalist              30

Pre-quarter finalist        10


Total points earned by a player in a calendar year will form the basis for selection to play the team event in National Veterans Table Tennis Championships, however the points shall not be the sole criteria for selection.

(16)     On regulations not covered above, the decision of the Committee of the GSVTTC shall be final and binding on to the all players.