Regulations to conduct the State Tournaments for the Year 2018

(State Ranking/State & Inter District Championships)

1.   The State Ranking and State & Inter District Championships shall mean all Tournaments of the State and are ‘Prestigious’ events of the GSTTA and the host Association and players are required to treat them as such.

2.   The tournaments will be allotted to the affiliated Districts and also to Clubs and Institutions (through District Association) by the GSTTA.

3.   The venue dates and option to conduct these tournaments shall be announced by the GSTTA, through circulars / prospectus and press announcements.

4.   Affiliated Districts, Clubs and Institutions who are given the option to conduct the tournaments are required to pay a tournament fee of ₹ 3000/- for the State Ranking Tournaments and ₹ 5000/- for State and Inter-District Championships to the State Association as soon as the option is given to them in the A.G.M. This amount shall not be refunded, if the tournament is not conducted without valid proper reasons.

5.   The State Ranking Championships and State & Inter District Championship shall compulsorily include the following events, subject to Rule No. 6.2.

 i) Mens Singles
ii) Womens Singles
iii) Youth Boys Single
iv) Youth Girls Singles
v) Junior Boys Singles
vi) Junior Girls Singles
vii) Sub-Junior Boys Singles
viii) Sub-Junior Girls Singles
ix) Cadet Boys Singles
x) Cadet Girls Singles

Note:  In State & Inter District Championships in addition to the above events Team Championships Event for Men’s, Women’s and Junior Boys and Girls shall compulsorily be included.

6.1   (a)   The Youth Events for Boys and Girls shall be open to only those players, who are born on or after 01.01.1998.

(b)  The Junior Boys and Girls events shall be open to only those players, who are born on or after 01.01.2001.

(c)  The Sub-Junior Boys and Girls events shall be open to only those players, who are born on or after 01.01.2004.

(d)  The Cadet Boys and Girls events shall be open to only those players, who are born on or after 01.01.2007.

6.2    The Cadet events shall be conducted irrespective of the number of entries received.  However, in the remaining compulsory events, the minimum number of entries shall be 16 except in events 2, 4 and 6 where it shall be eight.

6.3   The Cadet and Sub-Junior players shall be allowed to play only in one next higher event. However, Top-16 Ranked Cadet/Sub-Junior player will be allowed to play in 2 next higher events.

6.4   The following events may be included at the discretion of the host District Units/Clubs:

(i) Boys Doubles

(ii) Mixed Doubles

(iii) Women’s Doubles

(iv) Men’s Doubles

(v) Mini Cadet (under 10) Singles

7.   The method of play shall be as stipulated in the Ranking and Seeding Rules.

8.   The Seeding shall be done according to the rules laid down by the GSTTA. The Chief Referee shall follow the Ranking/ Seeding and it will be issued by the GSTTA as soon as the “Open Draw” is completed.  If in any case any of the “Seed” is not participating, the next “Seed” in line will be elevated.

9.   Merit Certificates and Cash Prizes to the Winners, Runner and Loosing Semi Finalist as per GSTTA criteria will be presented by the host.

10.   All the players must send their entries for tournaments only through the respective District Association. No direct entry from individual will be entertained.

11.   Prospectus and Entry Form for State Rankings and State & Inter District Championships shall be sent by GSTTA to all the affiliated District Associations, Clubs and Institutions at least 15 days prior to the commencement of the Championship.

11.1     The prospectus should inter-alia mention:

(a) That the Championship is conducted under the direction of the GSTTA and under the rules and regulations laid down by the TTFI.

(b) The Dates and Venue of the Championships.

(c) Last date of entries.

(d) Events to be played, along with the entry fees.

11.2     The Concerned Chief Referee and host shall send to the State Association the following details within 7 days of the conclusion of the Championships.

(a)  Certified copies of the Draw for all events.

(b)  Detailed results of all events with scores.

(c)   One to Sixteen position of all events.

(d)  Photographs of Tournament mainly ceremonial pictures.

(e)  Any other information which in the opinion of the host Association/Chief Referee should be brought to the State Association notice including details of instance of indiscipline of Players/Coaches/Parents and misconduct and performance of Umpires etc.

11.3   The Chief Referee and Deputy Chief Referee for all the Championships shall be nominated by the GSTTA. The GSTTA shall also nominate a member of the Technical Committee to attend the Championships to guide the Organizers, Chief Referee and Technical Delegates to take decision on behalf of the GSTTA. All the Technical Officials will be provided free Boarding & Lodging by the host during the above mentioned Tournaments/ Championships and also to observers who are nominated by the GSTTA.  TA/DA shall also be paid by the host as per the criteria.

11.4   The Chief Referee will conduct the draw for the Tournament in consultation with GSTTA.

11.5   Entry / Registration Fees: The District Associations should send entries of the players along with relevant fees.  It will be the responsibility of the District Associations to collect the entry fees and send to the host Association and also Registration fees to be sent to the GSTTA. If some players fail to turn up after entering, the fees of those who have entered but not withdrawn before the deadline will be paid by the respective District Associations. The Entry fee is payable along with the Entry Form and is NOT REFUNDABLE.

12.   The host Association shall provide free hospitality to President, Chairman, Hon. Secretary & Treasurer of GSTTA and shall reimburse the 2 AC Railway fare.

13.   All Umpiring will be in ENGLISH.

14.   TTFI approved Tables and STIGA Balls will be used for the Tournament.

15.   On all matters pertaining to the Championship not covered under the above rules, the decision of the executive committee of the GSTTA shall be final and binding.