Proposed Terms & Conditions for conducting the State Tournaments for the Year 2019
( State Ranking and State & Inter District Championships )


  1. The Hall should be big enough to accommodate minimum 6 to 8 Tables.

  2. Flooring must be Wooden/Synthetic.

  3. Light intensity must be minimum 800 Lux, uniformly spread over the playing arena.

  4. It is mandatory for Host Association to arrange a Computer and a Printer with Internet facilities at the venue for Chief Referee and Media Manager.

  5. Sitting arrangements must be sufficient for spectators.

  6. The technical officials should be given decent accommodation on twin-sharing basis by host association.

  7. In State and Inter District Championships all participating teams should be given decent accommodation and Standard food (vegetarian) near the venue by host association.

  8. STIGA Balls will be provided by the GSTTA for the Championships.

  9. Take away trophies for the State and Inter District Championship will be arranged by the GSTTA, the cost of which will be borne by the host association for each event.

  10. Proper medical facilities should be provided at the venue. One Medical Officer/ Doctor should always be available at the venue.

  11. Presentation of trophies and medals will be decided by the GSTTA in consultation with the host association.

  12. Cash prize money as mentioned in the GSTTA circular will be awarded by the host association. If a host association wishes to award any other prizes/memento, they may do so in consultation with the GSTTA.

  13. The Chief Guest for the Opening and Closing ceremonies will be fixed by the GSTTA in consultation with the host association. The host association should take up sufficiently in advance regarding guests to be invited so that proper invitation cards could be prepared and sent to all concerned. The invitation cards for both opening/prize distribution/closing ceremonies have to be approved by the GSTTA before printing.

  14. Technical officials will be appointed by the GSTTA and will be paid TA & DA by the host association as per the rules and regulations of the GSTTA, as notified from time to time.

  1. One technical delegate will inspect all arrangements well in advance and all his expenses will have to be borne by the host Association.

  2. President / Hon. Secretary / Treasurer of the Association will be paid traveling expenses by Air/Train 1st AC & free Boarding and lodging in a decent hotel by the host association.

  3. Proper facilities for media persons will be arranged by the host association which shall also arrange press conference prior to the commencement of the championships. All press releases with regard to the Championships have to be endorsed by the GSTTA.

  4. The host association must arrange one photocopier machines, computers/printers/ stationery, etc., and Internet connection at venue and the cost all will be borne by the host Association.

  5. Proper canteen facilities should be arranged at the venue.

  6. Schedule and fixtures will be prepared by the Chief Referee/Technical Committee under the supervision of the GSTTA.

  7. Members of the Selection Committee will also be provided free hospitality during the championship by the host association.

  8. Merit certificates will be printed by host association in consultation with GSTTA.